Collaborative Painted Paper Flowers

Timeframe: 20 minutes per class for painting, plus 45 minutes per class for cutting and assemblage
Grade Level: Any grade, but I chose to do this with my 3rd graders
Materials: large white tag board, various colors of acrylic paint, paintbrushes, scissors, pencils, glue, blue bulletin board paper, black and white printed fabric scraps, heavy duty scrapbook paper, silver tempera paint

My school hosted another event for students who had good behavior. When my third graders came, I allowed them to use the acrylic paint to free-paint on a large piece of tag board. They were allowed to paint anything they wanted using their choice of colors. They did this as they listened to music. (This could definitely be adapted for the regular classroom. The free-painting part only took about 20 minutes.)

The next week, after the paint had dried, the students drew and cut petal shapes out of the painted tag board. I asked them to draw on the back of the paper without looking at the front. This prevented them from getting hung up on the colors as they drew the petals.

We had way more petals than we needed. This worked out for the best because some petals were to small and some were to big. We weeded these out and still had plenty for each student to have petals on the finished product. (We've saved the too big and too small petals with our other paper scraps. I'm sure we will use them later.)

They worked together to paint silver dots on a blue piece of bulletin board paper. (We've spent a lot of time on how to paint dots so that they look like circles!!! Not all of them have mastered this. So, the ones who are better at it really took charge here.)

Circles were cut for the center out of heavy duty scrapbook paper and black and white fabric. Strips were cut for the stem from the painted paper consisting of the most green paint.

All of the pieces were glued to the blue bulletin board paper. We displayed one of these on a bulletin board in our media center. This would make a great keepsake or gift for a teacher who is retiring, etc.

In the photos below you can see the finished product, the free-painted paper, a petal cut from the free-painted paper, and the blue bulletin board paper with silver dots.

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