Renovating the Rock & Roll Garden (Artsying it up!)

Our school has this wonderful courtyard space between the fourth and fifth grade hallways. It needed a little updating since the last work that had really been done out there was over ten years ago. So, we decided to artsy it up! Take a look!!


We held a Community Volunteer Day in which we invited all of our stakeholders to come help out on a Saturday in October. We hosted parents, staff, students, community members, school board members, administrators, siblings, and grandparents that day. It was great! There was so much positive energy in the school that day!
It also turned out to be a great day for arts advocacy. I think the parents really enjoyed getting to paint!
These volunteers were laying small pavers. We painted tables, pots, and garbage cans. We painted artwork to hang inside. We layed pavers for walkways and patios. We did general clean up. We planted flowerbeds. We worked hard that morning!

These volunteers were painting pavers and working on some pieces to hang inside the buildings. 

Art Club and other volunteers stayed after school one day to work on the mural and add finishing touches to other areas. 

We painted the guitars for this fence on the Saturday Volunteer Day. A parent brought her older daughters to school one afternoon and added finishing touches and sealed the paint for us.


5th grade having science class in the Rock & Roll Garden

We have also started a project on another of our outdoor areas. Stay tuned for a post about that. 
I would love to hear from you! Comment below! 

Thanks to Lowe's Toolbox for Education and the Association for Excellence in Education for funding this project! Also, BIG BIG THANKS to all of our volunteers.