A Fishy Year-End Wrap Up

This was a quick, fun little lesson for the end of the year. The second graders looked at photographs of rainbow trout and other freshwater fish. They had lots of questions and things to share about fish. There was discussion of what "freshwater" meant. I let the kids explain to each other. Some of the kids had never seen fish in the water of the earth, or their actual natural habitats. So, we watched some videos of fish swimming in lakes and rivers. I wish I could take those kiddos to visit the Mississippi River! 

They drew their own fish on off-white tag board, traced their lines with black markers, and added details with the last of the year's crayons, markers, and paint. This was a good wrap-up because they got to do a review of drawing, cutting, gluing, painting, and using crayons/markers. It took about an hour total to make the fish. That's about 2 class periods. So, we used our time during those crazy last two weeks of school for this. They turned out to be pretty cute! I love how they are all different!