Celebrating Success with Arts Integration

In the spirit of celebrating success with arts integration, I thought I'd share some photos from my school. These are three of our fifth grade classrooms. I will celebrate the success of the other classrooms in the fifth grade at my school, as well as the other grades, as soon as I can by posting again. I am sticking with three classrooms at a time in an effort to keep the post from being too long.

Meanwhile, you can check out some of our past arts-integrated projects from a couple of years ago in this post. Also, be sure to read the original "Celebrating Our Successes in Arts Integration" post, too.

Point of View

This class was learning about point of view. They created a mask and responded to a writing prompt where they had to write from the point of view of the mask. I did not take a photo of the writing, but it is incredible. I learned a lot about my students from reading their writing for this project. (I am their art teacher. The teacher who taught this lesson is their ELA teacher.)

I love these masks so much because you can easily see how the students used their own creativity. Look at the differences in the shapes they used! They are all unique, just like the students. They just used scrap cardboard and scraps of paper to create these. There were also glitter and sequins! I wish I could've been in the room to observe my students engaged in this work! Thank you, Megan Herndon, for using this to teach our students!

These are the standards this lesson addresses.

 Esperanza Rising

There is a photo of the write up the teacher posted to describe the process for this lesson below. You can read that for details. I don't see a need to retype all of that.

One of the things I want to say about this is how much I love the reflections that are posted around the weaving. Reflection is essential when students are learning through arts integration. Reflection is a LIFE SKILL! We need to be teaching our students how to reflect. Like, its crucial to the success of our society.

Another thing I want to say about this is that I am super proud of this teacher for attempting a weaving project with students. Many teachers (ME) shy away from weaving because it is so hard. I usually have to do it in small groups. I've never been able to do it for a whole class project like this. So, my hat is off to Kayla Applewhite! Thank you for teaching our students through the arts.

 Gravity Art

These students learned about Holton Rower, a New York-based artist. They were also learning about gravity in their science class. This teacher has all of these great written reflections posted as well. There are some photos posted that show students engaged in the process of learning. You can't really see those in detail in these photographs. I just wanted to mention that they are there.

Can't you just imagine how much fun it was to see this paint moving and learning about gravity? Again, I wish I could've been in the room to see my students engaging in this learning process. Lindsay Dill, I appreciate you doing this for our students. Thank you! These are our students, and it takes all of us to teach and reach them.

What amazing things are happening with arts integration at your school? Can I come observe? Can you share pics with us? I'd love to highlight more and more and more teachers/schools/students who are engaged in learning through the arts! 

THIS RIGHT HERE is what it is all about...the love of learning. Learning academics while learning how to love learning. Learning academics while having your humanity validated. 

Sigh! My heart feels so full when I see these things. ;) 

Message me if you would like to nominate someone or yourself to be celebrated here!