Artists to Know Right Now: Aune, Romussi, Remy, & Perra

I've discovered a few artists that I think are worth sharing lately. Okay, that's a lie.

Let me start over.

I've discovered a gazillion artists that I think are worth sharing lately. I have been mulling over the best way to share those. Yeah, there's Pinterest. That just feels impersonal. So, I really wanted to share via Party in the Art Room. I've decided to try to do a monthly (or maybe bi-monthly) series called Artists to Know. I'll just be introducing the artists. Sometimes I might brainstorm some lesson ideas as well.

So without further delay, here are this month's picks. I feel inspired by these guys. I hope you do as well.

1. Cindy Aune- This is a Mississippi artist that I met in a workshop. She taught me a lot about mixed media. I've been really intrigued with her since then. That was several years ago. So, her work will probably haunt you as well. She's a sweet human being as well.

2. Jose Romussi- An artist from Chile working in Berlin, Romussi uses thread to embellish, enhance, distort, or extend images. To me, his work is like folk art on crack. It is colorful and playful, but dark and mysterious at the same time.

3. Pauline Remy-

4. Cecile Perra- I just really have a thing for the morose and melancholy.

What do you think? Share your "right now" artists! I wanna see some new works!

Images used via Fair Use (educational purposes, noncommercial, low quality, readily available on the internet, links are made available to take the reader back to the artist's site)