Sunday, March 26, 2017

Flowers: Upcycled School Decor

I thought I'd share this because this is one of my favorite things to look at on my school's campus. When I became the art teacher, the flowers and pots were sticking in the ground all over the campus. They were randomly placed. The paint had started to come off a bit. After a year, we got a new principal and she asked me and another teacher to repaint them. I came up with the idea of attaching them to wooden pallets and putting them together in a central location. We freshened up the paint and added some patterns. Then, we had them installed at this walkway. I believe they were cut from gallon cans that the cafeteria had. They are pretty big, as you can tell. They've also held up pretty well. We just used regular acrylic. I think I sprayed them with a sealant. They are under an awning. It has been at least five years since we fixed them up. I am unsure how long they had been on campus before we repainted them. We actually repainted them one summer when students were out of school. I think there was going to be an event on campus for the mayor of our town, and my principal wanted to spruce up some things. I love them. I hope that my school will have these for a very long time. The next time they need sprucing up, I hope I can get some kiddos to help do it! 

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