Museum Monday: Bourgeois at NOMA

One of my favorite sculptors is Louise Bourgeois. Her giant spiders are breathtaking in photos and even more so in real life. I was tickled to learn that the Besthoff Sculpture Garden in New Orleans has one of her spiders. These sculptures are all over the world (Argentina, Hamburg, Ottowa, etc.). Sometimes these are called Mamans.

I think this is a favorite because it is a contradiction. For me, spiders provoke anxiety. I don't have any fond memories of spiders. Spiders certainly don't remind me of my mother. Bourgeois created these sculptures as an ode to her mother, who was a weaver. She had fond feelings of her mother, who she says was her best friend. She thinks of spiders as being helpful (they DO eat mosquitoes) and protective. So, the connection to her mother is endearing.

If you are ever in New Orleans, you should go take a long look at this sculpture. It is a worthwhile activity.

Stay tuned for some educational resources on Bourgeois!

I took this photo in NOLA at the Sculpture Garden.