My Arts Experiences Bucket List

I’ve had the opportunity to visit a good many art museums and take art classes in a variety of media and locations. However, I cannot get enough. I love everything about art. I wish I could have all the experiences and visit all of the artworks around all of the whole entire the world. I won’t live that long though. There's just too much. We are talking art since the dawn of time!

So, I’ve made a bucket list of the things I absolutely must do regarding art. This will be a recurring thing for me to post on Party in the Art Room. I will start my bucket list with these three amazing things and add to it in future posts. 

  1. The Louvre- Ummmmm, because it is the Louvre! There are so many works here that I need to see. I’ll have to spend a week just going to this one museum, I’m sure. I want to see the Mona Lisa. I’d like to spend some time in the Antiquities Department where they have over 50,000 objects and “The Seated Scribe” from Saqqara which is considered to be a very important work. I also need to see the Venus de Milo.

2. Cleveland- I know Cleveland might not seem like a place that would be on an art bucket list, but I know the Cleveland Museum of Art has a painting I really want to see. It is A Hare and a Leg of Lamb by Jean-Baptiste Oudry. I just think that’s an interesting painting to have come out of the 1700s. Cleveland also has a lot of outdoor, public art, including some sculptures by Oldenburg. I love Oldenburg’s sculptures. So, I’d like to go to Cleveland. (Also, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is there!)

    3. Sophie Ryder- I am obsessed with this artist. I first saw her work in Nashville at the Cheekwood Sculpture Garden several years ago. Scroll down in that link to see her Crawling Lady Hare. I just could not erase that from my brain after I saw it in person. It haunted me. I still think about it a lot. She is amazing. You should read a little about her work because her process and reasoning is fascinating. I have been following her on Instagram, and you should too! (Once, she loved one of the pics I’d posted of my little girl. I did a cartwheel in my head! I thought that was so cool. Social media is wonderful for connecting to people we wouldn’t otherwise be able to connect with.) Anyway, I really wish I could just travel around and view all of her works in the order that they were created. I’ve also read a little about how her work has evolved, and I’d love to see that first hand. Hey, if I'm really creating a bucket list (and dreaming big), I might as well just add meeting her to the list!

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    What do you think? Do you have an arts bucket list? Let's chat about it!


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