Sea Turtles

This is always a hit with my students. We viewed images of sea turtles and learned a little about their habitat, what they eat, how they swim, and other science-y fun. I showed images of sea turtles from different angles. Then, I taught the students how to look for and use basic shapes to help them draw. They drew their sea turtles and traced their lines with a black permanent marker. They added color using construction paper crayons. They also drew circles and other details in the background with the construction paper crayons. Then, they painted a wash of turquoise liquid watercolor and sprinkled salt for texture.

One year, I taught this lesson after visiting the Pensacola Museum of Art where Guy Harvey's works were on exhibit. I showed photos of that the work that I'd taken. I let the classes choose which ocean animal to create. You will see the variations in the last photo. I'd like to blog more about how that lesson went later. However, I wanted to include the bulletin board photo of these so that you could see how stunning they are when hung in the hallway.

Several of the sea turtles in these photos were created by students with special needs. I will not tell you which ones. However, I think it is significant to point that out because the lesson works for all ability levels.

Hope you enjoy these fabulous sea turtles! Let me know if you try this or have taught something similar!