Symmetrical Names

Y'all the teachers at my school are killin' it with arts integration! 

I think it is super important to celebrate the successes we (all teachers) have in arts integration. So, in that spirit, I'm sharing another couple of lessons from my school! (Thank you HK, JJ, and EH for using art to teach math to our fourth graders. Much love to you, always!)

Kids love to do activities with their names. So, here are a couple of math and visual arts lessons that would be perfect to set up in a math center. This is fourth grade work. 

I looked on TpT for some resources to use with these lessons but didn't immediately find anything. If you know of one, please share. Also, I am not sure where the teacher got the images with directions that she has posted. I need to ask her.

In the meantime, here are several other blog posts from other teachers that I found helpful in understanding the steps to these projects. There are a lot of photos that will help you see different levels of student work. Be sure to check these out!