Art Around the World Display

I found this post sitting in the drafts of the blog. It is from my very first art classroom. So, it is like 5 years old. I must've never hit publish! I've grown so much as an art teacher since then. When I opened this, I was like "awwwww" in endearing granny voice. "Awwwww" like a first grade teacher getting yet another weed from the playground to put in the class vase. 

I remember that I didn't have a printer. So, I had to hand letter every.single.thing. It was terrible. I hate hand lettering anything. Anyway, I like this concept. It is still a good idea. Since my current classroom is being painted over the summer, and I had to take every.single.thing off the walls, I might make a new "Art Around the World" poster. It would be nice to have a visual anchor for every place that we discuss next year.

Share your ideas!