Mark Rothko Boxes Part 1

I got really infatuated with Mark Rothko while I was expecting my second child to be born. I have no idea why, but it was like an itch I couldn't scratch for a while. I realized I had to figure out a project we could do in my classroom once I returned from maternity leave. I told our PTO president that I intended to teach Rothko. I knew if I made it public like that, I'd make sure I found a good way to do it! 

So, while I was on leave (sometime around October 2016), I put out an all call on social media asking for tiny-ish boxes. By tiny-ish, I mean boxes that were no bigger than 3 inches. I had everyone from my grandmother to the principal saving everything from drink packet boxes to medicine boxes. I had people shipping these little boxes to my school from all over the great state of Mississippi. 

When I returned from leave, I had enough boxes for every fourth grader to make a mini canvas for a Rothko-inspired colorfield. I taught them all about colorfields. I made them discuss how color provokes emotion. They had to choose a color scheme intended to provoke a specific emotion.

This was how we built the tiny canvases for these colorfields. I will share how we painted them in another post. Stay tuned.

That's painters tape. We just made sure our boxes would stay shut.

They covered it in torn newspaper using regular white school glue.

They covered all of the sides. The boxes were small so this took some mighty fine motor work. It was so worth it!