Art is at the Core: Janet Fish

I write a column for Arts and Activities Magazine called Art is at the Core. I choose an artist and write about how to integrate that with math, science, language arts, and other curriculums. I wrote about Janet Fish recently. 

I had such a wonderful surprise when someone posted in an art teacher Facebook group about their student's work as they created using ideas from my article.

Okay, so...

I have to confess that this was one of the best things that has happened to me professionally. For years, I've been writing on this blog. I've written for pretty much every other education outlet that'll have me as well. I've done it all blindly. I've done it in hopes that other students would benefit from the arts. Truly. I have been on a mission to get the arts into as many classrooms as possible. I had resigned myself to never really knowing if I was reaching other classrooms. I thought that would be a difficult thing to measure.

Anyway, it really meant a lot to me to find out that Carol Janka had read my column and tried one of the Janet Fish ideas in her classroom. (I just love this so much, I don't even know where to stop gushing about it!)

Here are some photos from her classroom (student privacy protected, no faces showing):

The former first grade regular education teacher in me loves seeing those plastic coins atop that student artwork!

Carol, thank you. If you just knew...if you only knew...if you could just know how much I needed to see this. If you only knew how tough my summer was in 2016, when we met, you'd know how much this means to me. Read between the lines and know that I adore this.