Authentic Children's Art

This is an idea that I'd like to explore further: Authentic Children's Art.

Bob Reeker, who has guest blogged for Party in the Art Room (go check it out right now), posted a link to another blog that I found very intriguing. I'm giving Bob the credit for posting it first. It is a great post and definitely a must-read. After I read, I knew I had to share on the blog.

This blog is called Rainbows Within Reach. I'd never heard of it before. The post I am referring to is from November 2014 and is called 

Children's AUTHENTIC Art vs. Classroom Craftivities.

Debbie Clement writes this blog and boasts, "The best work on earth is my having the opportunity of making a crazy-quilt while happily and enthusiastically stitching these three ingredients together. My company, Rainbows Within Reach, is now launching it's 18th year of children's Arts programing." I'd never heard of this company either. But BOY! Now, I am a follower. I'd like to meet her. I might just have to reach out and connect with her at some point. I'll keep you posted on that. (Remember, I have two children under the age of 3...this could take a while!)

I hope you will read this post. It makes some very good points about the differences between run-ot-the-mill artsy craftsy projects and authentic art for kids. I think every teacher needs to think about this.

Here's a crafty penguin from Pinterest to serve as an example. I am on the fence about this issue in some ways. I used to do these types of things with my first graders when I taught regular education. They had to use a tracer for the shapes. It was very good for following directions and cutting/gluing. I don't think tracing is a bad thing in itself. I never called those "art" or tried to pass it off as authentic art. We also did authentic art projects. Anyway, more on that later.


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