Tap Taps

This is a fun project. Students learned about Tap Taps and read Tap Tap, a book by Karen Lynn Williams.  

I have never been to Haiti. So, I don't have firsthand knowledge of these. I relied on books for the information that I taught to students. They really enjoy this project. I love how differently they all turn out. The students absolutely get to be creative and make their own decisions about their work with this one! I highly recommend this.

We believe it is a best practice to document student learning in the hallways. We always put a write up about the learning for our stakeholders to read. We also include the standards and learning targets. This is a pic, but it is a little hard to read in the photo. So, I'll type it here. It also tells you how these were created. 

Third grade students learned about Tap Tap Buses. These are a means of transportation in Haiti. They are much like cabs and taxis, except that they are painted works of art! Students created their own two-dimensional Tap Tap. First, they drew the general shape of a bus and added decorations, focusing on patterns. Then, they used mixed media (oil pastels, crayons, watercolors, paper) to add color. Next, they cut out their bus and attached it to black paper. they cut around the bus on the black paper to create a black border. For the background, they used tempera cakes to splatter paint by tapping the end of their paint brush. They learned how to be in control of the paint while creating the background by focusing brains, eyes, and hands on the task. Finally, they glued their bus to the background. Throughout the project, students used appropriate art vocabulary in both large and small group discussions with other students and the teacher. These were created in the visual arts classroom.

Also, Happy Birthday to my daddy, Colin Greenwood. All the hearts!