The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Nothing fancy here. Just a very hungry caterpillar!

I taught an art camp where all of the projects were based on children's books. We finished a lot of projects very quickly. We had also already painted a lot of paper. So, I decided to do a quick version of this guy.

These kids were in K and 1st grades. I had them trace the bottom of a bottle of school glue for the body ovals. They just drew the rest of it. Some didn't get feet added. I find it interesting how they all really look different. 

I like this because they have to do so much fine motor work to finish this. They trace, cut, sort, and glue. 

By the way, when the parents came for the mini-art show at the end of camp, they loved this. There was gushing. 

This is a photo of the painted paper. The day before they began this project, I cut the paper into strips for them. That made it go further. More than one kid could work with it at a time this way. 
What are some other good ways to teach art with this book? Any stronger integration ideas?

Are there any art teachers who haven't taught this? I am just curious. It is such a staple!