Chuck Close: Keith (at SLAM)


This is why he is Chuck Close, and I am not. I could never create something this amazing. LOL!

This is a painting of Close's friend Keith. He painted this based on a photograph. WOW! Apparently, Close was inspired by the photograph's sharp focus around the eyes and blurring in the hair.

I saw this and photographed it at the Saint Louis Art Museum several years ago. Talk about hyper-realism. 

Close used grids to enlarge the image for his painting. The actual painting is 108 1/4 x 84 inches. It is pretty large. I think Close is pretty famous for his use of grids.

Grids=math integration.

I think he is a great artist to teach when students are learning about grids and proportion in math. It would also be a killer writing prompt. Students can write a story about this person. They could also write a monologue based on the photograph. What is Keith thinking?

Do you have other ideas? Please share!