Guy Harvey at the Pensacola Museum of Art

Beware, this post has a lot of photos! I tried to narrow it down. I took a lot more than this on my visit to the Pensacola Museum of Art in 2015. I managed to narrow it down to these. I did my best! HA!

When I visited the art museum, this Guy Harvey exhibit was there. Honestly, I'd never thought much about Guy Harvey until then. I knew there were t-shirts, and that is about all I knew. 

After this visit, however, I was really intrigued with him. He is a marine biologist and artist. I love this combination! My students find it interesting as well. It shows them the value of art in science. 

I've used these photographs to teach several things. My favorite is to teach conservation and marine life. I welcome you to also use the photographs in your classroom. 

The colors are brilliant. My photographs do not do justice to the colors. 

My favorite thing about teaching with Guy Harvey is that kids always start wearing their Guy Harvey shirts to art. I love that kind of authentic engagement!

Have you ever taught Guy Harvey? Let's chat about it!

Closeups of the turtle.