Nanosculptures: Willard Wigan

I never tire of this video.

I cannot embed it because DENIED.

However, you can click the link. Then, you can see it on the YouTubes. HAHA!

This is partly because I love hearing that news guy say "dickens of a time." I mean, it just makes me laugh.

I also think it is funny how the artist says he doesn't enjoy working on the piece but enjoys it when the pieces are finished.

I mean...


This is how I feel about anything I write, anything I paint, having babies, and running.

I hate the act of all of those, but am very happy with the finished products!

Just watch the video.

Also, I still straddle the fence on whether I believe this. I am a skeptic to the core. Snopes says it is true, though. So, maybe it is. I'm going to need to ask this artist some questions. Wink. Wink. 

Whatevs. True or not, the overarching themes are OH.SO.RELEVANT!