Showing Off

This cat was created using plaster wrap and a mask mold from Sax Arts and Crafts. I've taught this project many times. This is one of my favorite student-created pieces ever. She chose her paint colors and just painted away. 

I was so nervous when she started in with the black paint, but she nailed it! The contrast is lovely. She wanted a sparkly bow. So, she drew one on a piece of brown paper bag and cut it out. Of course, there was glitter! I also really love the whiskers. 

This was all her own concept. One of my favorite things about it, besides the brilliant colors, is the way she has the black line on the forehead and around the eye line up with the black on the bow. It creates a very dramatic movement for that line. Super proud of this one guys! 

This is what Party in the Art Room is all about. Children being creative. Beauty in the world. Glitter and pink! Messes. All the most wonderful things in this world. 

Have a great week! Hope you enjoyed this spot of positivity!

Thank you to my dear friend L.W. and her lovely daughter for the time we spent together to create this. You both are beautiful and wonderful and I love you dearly!