All the Louis Bourgeois

I write a bi-monthly column for Arts and Activities magazine where I serve on the Editorial Board. The column is called Art is at the Core. One of the artists that I featured last year was Louise Bourgeois. She is one of my faves. If you've never seen her Mamans, be on the look out for one the next time you travel to a large city. She made several. (You can read about the one in NOLA using the link below.)

Anyway, I thought I'd share that article with you. The PDF can be downloaded at this link!

Here is a video of me talking about this article. I filmed this because I know some of y'all would rather watch/listen than read. I'm with ya!

Check it out!

I taught a mini-lesson to my art students right before school got out last year. By mini-lesson, I mean a one day lesson that lasted about 45 minutes. I shared some info about Bourgeois, and we discussed the Mamans. Here is the sheet that I shared with the students:

The quote is important to understanding her work. Let the kids talk about this. You can get a printable version of this in my TpT store for $2. I didn't print one for every students, just enough for them to share.  The download is much better quality than this image. It is a PDF.

I shared some ideas for drawing a maman that had some qualities similar to the sculpture: looks like it is moving, legs seem larger than life, knots in the legs, lines are not straight. These pictures kind of show the steps. Feel free to use this to help your students draw. Make sure you talk about proportion and depth. The spiders legs do not have to be proportional to the body. In fact, the legs should seem larger than life as I mentioned before. The depth is created by having the legs be in front of and behind each other. (Oh! I decided to give the drawing tutorial away here.)

Here are some finished products:

Check out this Party in the Art Room post about the Bourgeois sculpture at the New Orleans Besthoff Sculpture Garden outside the NOMA. Feel free to use the image in your classroom to show students her work!