Skeleton House

This blog is about visual art, arts education, and arts integration. For sure. That is the focus.

But, this blog is also about creativity. 
The recent Halloween Art Dolls post and Dia de los Muertos Figurines post were both very popular. These were about creativity.

So, keeping with the Halloween and creativity theme, I wanted to share something that we found on our most recent (last weekend) trip to New Orleans. 

The Skeleton House is located at 6000 St. Charles Avenue. You can easily see the yard as you drive by, but there is also side street parking. A lot of people were parked and strolling around when we stopped by. 

It is a work of creative genius. If there had just been a bunch of skeletons in the yard, I'd not be posting. The satire is what makes this worth sharing. Can you imagine the brainstorming session that happened before this was set up?

My personal fave. I have to make sure my friend, Cassie Stephens, sees this. She loves Halloween.

This is a close second for my favorite. I mean, I teach at the elementary school attended by Elvis Presley himself. So, the Elvis conjoined at the pelvis skeleton is right at the top!

Y'all remember when Olaf said, "I don't have any bones," in the movie????

What do you think? Creative? Love it? Did you see it? Share your thoughts!