10 Arts & Arts Integrated Lessons: Holiday Resource Round Up (Part 1)

I've been getting a lot of questions about holiday lessons. Teachers want to incorporate holiday things into their lessons without losing content. In other words, they don't want to do something cutesy just because... So, I've rounded up some of my favorite resources for this post. These aren't in any sort of order. I've not ranked them. I just randomly listed ten that I wanted to share. Of course, some of them are mine. I think you'll like them. 

This post is Part 1 of a two part post. This post will have numbers 10 through 6 and the second post will have numbers 5 through 1.

Are you ready for the countdown?

Hope this is helpful!


Art & Roll Holiday Pack #2

This is a game where students roll a number cube to create a drawing. This particular bundle has five of those games, including the Snowman, CHRISTmas Tree, Holiday Tree, Tree Scene, and Elf. This Art & Roll pack includes
1. Game sheets for Snowman, CHRISTmas Tree, Holiday Tree, Tree Scene, and Elf
2. How-to-draw for Elf
3. Tree shape example sheet
4. Keys for the game sheets
5. Examples of quality products for students to view
6. Santa's Elf: Official Application Writing Activity
7. Tree template
8. Six coloring sheets.

This is a hand-drawn resource. Letting students see hand-drawn work images will help build their confidence as an artist. Since they won't ever be able to draw like a computer (aka clipart), it helps them to see these hand-drawn works as they create. 

This Holiday Pack saves you $5. Individually, Art & Rolls are priced $5! WHO DOESN'T LOVE SAVING EIGHT BUCKS!?!? It's like getting one for FREE!

holiday art lesson
Art & Roll- Holiday Pack #2

Heather Galler-Inspired Cups of Hot Chocolate

Some of my students are getting ready to learn about Heather Galler and create works inspired by her. We aren't doing hot chocolate because the works we create will be hung in the spring at our Arts Festival. 

With that frame of reference, these mugs o'cocoa on Cassie Stephens' blog made the top ten list. I am really loving Galler at the moment and had to include this. Cassie writes that these are quick to complete. Wouldn't it be fun to make hot cocoa with your students, have them write a procedural piece about how to make it, then create these??? 

Cassie Stephens' 5 Quick Winter Projects


STEAM Christmas Tree

I love polka dots. I also love pink. So, this caught my eye. The author of this post talks about teaching concentric circles. I also think the students could do some measurement with those circles for circumference, diameter, etc. 

Kid's Steam Lab


Triangle Trees

Similar in style to the project above, this project uses crayons and watercolors to create a tree scene. Students can measure the angles of the triangles and plot the measurements on a line plot. 

christmas tree art activity
Triangle Trees 


Symmetry Tree

Here we have positive and negative space used to create a tree that is symmetrical. 

Symmetrical Tree from Buggy and Buddy

What are your favorite holiday projects? Let's chat. 
Hope you'll stay tuned for the second half of this Resource Round Up!

UPDATE: Part 2 published. You can check out numbers 5-1 here.


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