Sunday, November 19, 2017

Character Traits Silhouettes

This is a great project for teaching character traits. Students learned about character traits and came up with traits for themselves. They typed these and chose a font for printing. Then, they cut them out.

character traits art lesson for kids

For the silhouettes, they took profile pics and printed them in black and white. Then, they cut the profile out and painted it black. I have also seen kids use the Promethean boards in their classrooms to trace each other's profiles. They stand in front of the white part of the board. A partner traces the shadow that is created from the board's light onto a white piece of tagboard. 

The background is created with oil pastels. Students just chose colors they liked and created a pattern. Color theory could easily be incorporated here. Students could create different values of their favorite color.

The fourth grade teachers at my school get all the credit for this amazing project. They are such great teachers. I'm so proud to work with them! (All the hearts- JJ, LC, CM)

What do you think? Do you have a similar project? I'd love to see it!

character traits

character traits lesson for kids

character traits fourth grade

art project for kids

character traits art for kids

character traits lesson

character traits

Hey, I know art supplies can be tricky to acquire. I have added one of my successfully funded grants to TpT. The narrative and budget portions are included as well as info and pics about the art projects we did with the supplies. Check it out!

grants for teachers

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