Sunday, November 12, 2017

Texture, Vivid Language, and New Orleans

I'm a little obsessed with all the artsy things in New Orleans. If you love art and/or are in arts education, you HAVE to go. There are so many things to see. On my most recent trip, I heard someone in a shop near the French Quarter say that New Orleans is one place where you can work and support yourself as an artist. I really hate it isn't that way everywhere, but...

One of the things I am most obsessed with is the texture everywhere, especially on the doors. I cannot stop myself from taking pic after pic. 

Well, I'm getting ready to teach texture in my classroom. I use the first couple of minutes of class as a bell ringer. Students come in, sit down, and look at an image. They analyze it for an element of art. They do this silently (mostly), and I call on a "secret student" to share what they noticed regarding the element. We focus on the same element for several weeks. 

I am going to show them these photos that I took in NOLA as we talk about texture. I think I can really get some descriptive and vivid language out of them for this. Well, I know I can...and I don't mean the kind of vivid language you'd hear on Bourbon Street either! 

In the captions are some examples of vivid language. I think it is great to give kids a couple of examples. Then, let them come up with two or three different ones for each pic. 

This is as rough as a home-grown cucumber.

This is an old, dried-up paint palette. 

This is splintery like a rough piece of wood at Lowe's.

It's shiny, and the bumps feel smooth.

This is like the cracked skin of an ogre's face. 

This is my skin when I forget to use moisturizer. 

She may look rough and worn, but she is smooth like an R&B singer.

Feel free to pull these pics up in your classroom to talk about vivid language and texture. Do you have other ideas for how we could use those images in our classrooms? Let me know!

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