Friday, December 8, 2017

Teach Your Students Math Vocabulary with This Flower Art Lesson

flower art math lesson art vocabulary arts integration

Quick Lesson

This was a quick two-part lesson that I used to teach my students some math vocabulary. They were having difficulty remembering vertical and horizontal, as in vertical and horizontal lines. So, I grabbed some black construction paper and acrylic paint. 

Here's What We Did

First, they used white acrylic to paint the lines of the vase. The sides of the vase are vertical lines. The stripes are horizontal. They didn't draw the lines with a pencil first. I just had them go right in with a brush and the paint. 

math vocabulary and flower art

After the vase was painted, they use pink, orange, and white acrylic to paint circles. They double dipped their brush into all of the colors without washing it. That technique helps students blend interesting colors right on the paper. Finally, they washed their brush and painted leaves by double dipping in green, yellow, and white.

math vocabulary and flower art

math vocabulary and flower art

Then, we let it dry overnight.

You'll Love These Oil Pastels

When the acrylic was dry, we used florescent oil pastels to draw spirals in the flowers. These are the ones we used:

Flower Art for Kids

math vocabulary and flower art

math vocabulary and flower art

math vocabulary and flower art

flower art project for kids

flower art project for kids

math vocabulary and flower art for kids

I taught this to a group of English Language Learners. They were having trouble remembering those vocabulary words. It was a very quick lesson that helped them solidify the concept I was trying to teach. Plus, it looks really beautiful. They were each very excited and proud of their work.

Another Quick Lesson

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