Thursday, January 11, 2018

A Great Art Book Series for Kids

Here's 3 reasons why I love the How Artists See book series by Colleen Carroll. 


3. New-to-you artworks

As an adult who studies art for a living, I almost always learn about a new work when I pick up one of these books. For instance, before I bought How Artists See Horses for my own child, I'd never seen Summer Horse Market at Chiryu by Hiroshige. 

These books have better content than the run-of-the-mill, been-done-to-death works of art that are ubiquitous in pop culture today. 

2. Minimal text

There's just enough text in these to give kids the information they need to think about the works. Yet, the text doesn't overwhelm and distract from the images. I remember a student in my class reading How Artists See Feelings and thinking about the concept of joy. The book explains how the artist of one painting used color to help convey a sense of joy to the viewer. 

The student said to me, "I never thought about how an artist would use yellow or gold on purpose as a happy color before." He was making all kinds of connections!

1. Kid-friendly

As an art teacher, I've sought kid-friendly books about art for the duration of my career. Some books about art for kids just go way over their heads. I think the How Artists See books are appropriate for elementary kids. 

Additionally, the How Artists See Jr. series was perfect for my two year old when we bought the books. She will enjoy those for years to come. 

Coming up! 

In March, I am planning to do a whole series of posts on funding. I'll be sharing a grant I wrote which will bring Colleen Carroll to my school for two days. I'll also be sharing that experience in the upcoming weeks. Be sure to sign up below to stay updated on this!

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