Thursday, January 4, 2018

5 Art Supplies My Students Can't Live Without

My students can't live without these 5 favorite art supplies.


5. Loop Scissors

These make it possible for many students to have more success with cutting. 

5 art supplies my students can't live without

4. Foam Textured Paint Rollers

These are surprisingly durable. The possibilities for using these are endless. 

top 5 art supplies for kids

3. Gold Leaf

This adds a nice touch to kid's artwork and has been a BIG hit. The kids think it is magical. 

top five art supplies for kids

2. Black Sharpies

We use these so much they stay on the tables. We never put them away. Black Sharpies really make this Geometry Stars lesson pop!

top 5 art supplies for kids

1. Construction Paper Crayons

These are such a fave we don't even have regular crayons in the room anymore. We used these for this Following Directions with Kandinsky lesson. 

top 5 arts supplies for kids

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