IMPORTANCE by Eli, Art 2 Student

Party in the Art Room would like to offer a warm welcome to guest blogger, Eli!

Eli is an Art 2 student at Party in the Art Room who composed this statement regarding an assemblage he created at art class. Party in the Art Room invites all learners and any community members to write about art for our blog. Our instructors make themselves available to students who need help composing their posts as well. 

The process for this work involved segmenting a piece of paper into rectangles and identifying someone or something to represent in each rectangle. The students used colors, patterns, composition, and personal items in each smaller rectangle to represent whatever was identified for that space. 

Key understandings: Abstract (non-literal) representation, use of color/pattern, arrangement as composition

We hope you enjoy Eli's blog post about his artwork.

Eli selected this work from several other pieces he'd created throughout the semester to write about. He indicated to the instructors at Party in the Art Room that this was the piece he felt people would be least likely to understand just by looking at it. He also stated that this was his favorite piece because he felt the most personally connected to it. 


This piece is called Importance, because it represents things or people that are important to me. 

First, I chose the people I wanted to represent on my piece. Next, I had to think what would be good to represent the people. That was the brainstorming part. Then, I collaged the representations and the people onto my piece. 

The part of my piece with the royal blue represents my dad because his favorite color is blue. I used the black and white to represent a computer because he works from home. The green represents the main color of me and my dad’s favorite show, Game Theory. The third square from the left on the top represents my mom. Her favorite color is green. So, I used that color. I put in some black because she likes dogs and is a dog groomer. The black represents dog fur. The pink is because she likes bright and happy colors. 

When I finished my piece, I turned it in. Mrs. K gave me feedback, and I wrote this article so the whole world could see. 

My favorite part of the piece was thinking about what could represent the people I chose. It was the most creative part. If I could do this over, I would put in more shapes.