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What’s been satisfying about being a change agent? Elevating the Arts
June 2016

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Party in the Art Room (my blog about visual arts education and arts integration)

MS Education Blog (News and Opinion Impacting MS Public Education)
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Lawhon Art Channel (some of my instructional videos are located here)
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Koonlaba, A. (2015, December). Art is More Than Just Added Flavor: Differentiated
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Professional Networks:

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Not-So-Recent Work

(guest blog for ASCD InService/Whole Child Blog)

Can the People of MS Save Their Public Schools? (written for MS Education Blog, reblogged by Diane Ravitch)

3 Visual Artists—and Tricks—for Integrating the Arts Into Core Subjects

(Education Week Teacher)
Art is at the Core
(column for Arts and Activities Magazine)

(Article in Arts and Activities Magazine)
Creative Collaboration (Article for Arts and Activities Magazine, June 2015)
(Guest blog for CTQ’s Deidra Gammill on Designing Teachers)

#TeachingIs About ALL of US (Guest blog for Anthony Cody’s Living In Dialogue, follow up to
More of the Same: King to Replace Duncan and What It Means (Contribution to MSEdBlog on how Duncan’s resignation will impact MS)
How I’m Using Mobile Technology blurb in ASCD’s Educational Leadership May 2015 issue.
(VIVA Teachers Blog-Links to a report on accountability)
Guest blog on Living in Dialogue by Anthony Cody
Guest blog on Living in Dialogue by Anthony Cody
(a post by Diane Ravitch which links to a guest blog on Living in Dialogue by Anthony Cody)

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