Sharing Arts Integration Projects from My School

My school partners with the Mississippi Arts Commission's Whole Schools Initiative as a Whole School. I just thought I'd share some of the awesome arts integrated projects from around the school.

This is a fifth grade project. Check the third photo for details.

This is a fourth grade project. Check out the photo for details. 

Another fourth grade project. Check out the photos for details. 

To get a clearer understanding of how the Whole Schools Initiative's arts integration model uses arts teachers, check out this Stennis Institute Study for Decision Makers, particularly the "Leverage the existing resource of K – 12 arts specialists" section. 

I have noticed a movement across the country in which arts teachers are being removed from schools under the guise that arts integration in the regular classroom meets the arts instructional needs of students. It does not. Please check out this report if you have doubts OR feel free to contact me. I will be glad to help you find more information on this matter.