Creative Collaboration via Arts and Activities Magazine

I have been on a writing-high this year. I was finally able to get this blog back up after becoming a mommy. I completed many, many, many assignments for some grad school courses! I have had several things published as well. Here is a comprehensive document with links to my projects and other professional writings. You can use this to connect with me via all of my social media outlets, etc. I love to connect, so please reach out if you'd like!

My students created this interesting piece from an old window. It was truly a collaborative piece, as about 150 kids worked on it all together. I must admit that this is one of my favorite student projects ever. It looks absolutely beautiful hanging in our fourth grade hallway. I hope the students walk by and say, "I remember when I worked on that in second grade." I know it won't hang there forever, but we sure are enjoying it while it does!

This article was published in the June issue of Arts and Activities Magazine. Check out the details here. 

You can also view the entire June issue of the magazine online. Here is a link to the digital edition.