Art is at the Core: Wassily Kandinsky

I have been writing a column for Arts and Activities Magazine, where I serve as a Contributing Editor, called Art is at the Core.

The very first column I wrote was about Wassily Kandinsky. I designed some arts-integrated lessons around Kandinsky's Concentric Circles. The think I love about these lessons is that they can work both in the visual arts classroom and in the regular education classroom.

I ended up presenting these lessons at the National Arts Education Association National Convention this year in Chicago. I also presented at my district's end of the year professional development institute. Now, I plan to present these at the Whole Schools Initiative's Summer Institute, which is a special project of the Mississippi Arts Commission. I have plenty of resources to share with the teachers that attend those workshops. I decided that since the presentation that I designed for these workshops is suitable for the classroom and students that I would offer a version for sale at Teachers Pay Teachers. 

The activities include mathematical computation and art making. There are measurement and data collection/analysis opportunities, a poetry writing opportunity, and some ideas for integrating this artwork with science as well. 

The presentation costs $20. I hope you will check it out!

Here are a couple of preview slides: