10 Goals for 2017

First of all, you know how if you write something down, you are more likely to stick to it? So, when you write something down publicly, you are even more obligated to do it, RIGHT?

This blog post was born out of that line of thinking.

Also, my wonderful Boot Camp instructor challenged us to make a list of ten goals for 2017. I just so happen to have a blog. So, I decided to write a post about it.

To recap:

Public + Boot Camp Instructor Asks You to Do It = Must Do It Or Else.


Keep in mind, it is super hard to just put yourself out there like this. I keep doing it because I love connecting with people and encouraging people. It helps me live authentically and understand my humanity as well. I am listing some goals that point to some of my biggest insecurities. Be kind with your feedback.


Now, here's my list and how I plan to accomplish these goals. I have sprinkled inspirational memes throughout this post because inspirational memes are where its at. (Thank you A.H. for making me think about memes all weekend!)

1. Lose ten more pounds and keep it off- Boot Camp and Weight Watchers

Because I'm Addicted

2. Do a full sit up- Boot Camp

3. Finish 5 races- I've registered and paid for two already. I will most likely do the Coca Cola Classic and Gum Tree (both 10ks), as well as the St. Jude Half Marathon (13.1 baby!). The registration for those three hasn't opened yet. I will register and pay as soon as it does.

Well Worn Soles
via Blog Lovin'

4. Eat less dairy- Weight Watchers (clean eating), I don't think dairy is very good for me. I am going to track my dairy intake and reduce it each week. I can use SmartPoint tracking to help me do that.


5.  Get my allergies under control- Weight Watchers (clean eating) and keeping appointments with my physician
Louise Hay

6. Collaborate with other creative thinkers on Party in the Art Room- Beg my friends to contribute and put out public invitations, aim for at least one guest post or collaborative post each month, follow through with those who have expressed interest in this, reach out to friends who blog, encourage people who have been thinking about blogging to finally do it this year

Found this on Pinterest, the pin doesn't lead anywhere

7. Host a podcast- Follow through with TeachThought


8. Finish writing my book- This is a matter of sitting myself down and focusing. I have a proposal started. I need to finish two chapters to send it back to the publisher that I've been talking to. I want to finish writing the whole thing, though, whether that particular publisher accepts it or not.

9. Clean out my closet- To Do List Summer 2017, y'all. I've been saying I need to do this for like five years.

A Girl's Right to Dream

10. Read a book for pleasure- Take suggestions and pick one. This is something I haven't done since I became a mommy.

Found on Pinterest. Clicking it doesn't lead anywhere.

What do you think? What are your goals for this year? I love hearing about the lives of other people. Tell me what is going on. Also, please consider this an invitation to collaborate with me on this blog!

Much love