Arts Integration for Beginners

I have been thinking about the pedagogy of Arts Integration. It is something that comes so natural to me, but I hear from many educators who say they need help. First of all, I do think it is difficult to get your lessons from arts-enhanced to arts-integrated when you first start trying. Second, I think a lot of information that is out there about Arts Integration goes WAY over the heads of most educators, especially in the beginning. I don't mean that to be offensive either. I mean it goes over the heads of educators who aren't as familiar with it the same way the pedagogy of teaching calculus goes over my own head!

I remember failing at the creation of arts-integrated lessons many times when I first became a teacher. Eventually, though, it clicked for me. From that point on, it was much easier for me to integrate the arts into my teaching. Now, it really is my go-to style of teaching.

So, I started thinking about what information a beginner might need and ended up developing a checklist that I believe will be helpful.

Check out this resource!


So, how was your week? My week was weird. I had an allergic reaction to something I ate and ended up in a fender bender/at the ER early in the week. Then, I ran a half-marathon on Saturday! While I was running, I had much time to reflect, which is why I love running (or attempting to run would be a better description of the thing that I do). One of the things on which I reflected was how I am having so much fun creating these resources.

My husband has been laughing at me. I'll be nursing my three-month old with my phone in my hand. I told him that I just have so much going on in my brain, and I've been looking for a good way to get it all out! He is very supportive, thankfully. He knows I have a mission to reach as many students through the arts as I possibly can. This is one way that I believe I can do that. I remember a couple of years ago I received a Facebook message request from an art teacher who had tried one of my lessons with her students. She messaged me to show me the photos. I was so proud! It meant a lot to me to know that her students had benefitted from my blog. I look forward to hearing from other teachers. So, be sure to get in touch.

In addition to all this fun, I am learning a lot. This whole endeavor has been and will continue to be a learning experience. I am still figuring out some aspects of working with graphics and managing the programs that create/save/convert files. I welcome constructive (and kind) feedback on these things! Actually, the fact that I am learning while I create is probably another reason I am having so much fun. I love learning! I bet that is pretty evident!

Have a great week! Always remember, educators, that you are important and are doing good work. You are doing the work of saints. You are nation-builders. Your students love you. They need you. You matter! I'm sending all the positivity your way!