CTQ Baton

Last week I carried the Center for Teaching Quality's Baton over on Instagram. I introduced myself, shared some of my student's artwork, some images of my beautiful school, some of my professional activities, and a lot of what makes me tic as an educator. My favorite post was probably the one where the kid wrote on one of the baskets that sit on their tables. The kiddo wrote "I hat Ms. Kodlabl," which is not actually a statement about my hat. I reflected on how much the students need us to model appropriate behavior. Things like this don't upset me. I look at these as opportunities to model how to handle emotions in realtime!

Another favorite was a pic of a small group math lesson I was doing with third graders. I had been using a worksheet to help the different groups of students remember about bar graphing before launching an arts-integrated lesson on data collection and analysis. On the day I took this photo, I did not make it to the copy machine. So, I just hand drew the worksheet. I think that is some kind of karma telling me to stop using worksheets all together! What do you think?

Finally, another favorite was a pic of me leaving the gym and heading to school. I am a happy, healthy, engaged teacher. I really love what I do. I am happy to go to work each day. I reflected on how taking care of my body helps me continue to feel this way even when the job is hard. (I can totally see my wrinkles in this pic, but I love my life and I earned those. So, I don't mind!)

If you'd like to carry the CTQ Baton, you can sign up. It took me like two seconds to sign up. Then, they emailed me, and I chose a date. I'm pretty sure any educator can do it. You don't have to have any certain qualifications other than being an educator. It is a great way to promote your work and advocate for the profession. I hope hope hope I see some of my friends doing this. I REALLY REALLY REALLY HOPE HOPE HOPE I get to see some more Mississippi teachers doing this! Many great teachers are doing many great things in Mississippi's schools. We need to show the world!

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I heart you! Happy Sunday!