My Cubist Christmas Tree

Here's a fun lesson for the holidays. If you are looking for something to do with your class that is holiday-related so the kids will be engaged, this is it. It is an art lesson that is integrated with math and writing skills. So, your kids will still be getting the academics as well. It is perfect for those weeks between Thanksgiving and the winter break.

First, have students draw a Christmas tree using triangles. They can use three or four triangles to do this. I have found that it is better if they use a ruler to create the triangles. It helps them get the shape more exact which makes it easier for them to measure it.

Next, have them draw the trunk of the tree and three or four presents in the shape of rectangles. 

Next, have the students use their ruler to draw parallel lines and perpendicular lines on the tree and presents. They can erase to make the lines appear to cross like ribbon if they want or they can just leave the lines actually on the paper. 

Let them add other decorations to the tree and presents. They can do this however they wish.

 Have them add more perpendicular and parallel lines. These can cross over parts of the image that they have already drawn. This is what really gives the work a cubist-feel.

Finally, have them trace their lines with a black permanent marker and add color. They can use water colors, tempera, crayons, colored pencils, or pretty much anything else. 

Here are some from students:

Merry Christmas!