Stamping for Kids

This week I've posted about my The Snowy Day resources on the Teachers Pay Teachers store. I also wrote about stamping with found objects. Please be sure to check out both of those posts by following the links.

Since I don't have a Pinterest board dedicated specifically to stamping, I decided to curate some of my favorite stamping, printing, and homemade paintbrush ideas in this post. I do have several (and I mean several) other Pinterest Boards dedicated to art, art-making, arts integration, and education. So, be sure to follow me on Pinterest!

Party in the Art Room's Curated List of Favorite Stamping, Printing, and Homemade Paintbrush Ideas

This is along the same lines as what I did in the previous post, but I love the idea of using the natural items. Perhaps students could collect/gather up their own materials on a nature walk.

This is cute. Plus, I like the idea of using celery. Again, it is a natural object. I bet students will start wondering what other food they can use to create art!

Ummm, who doesn't love Legos? I can envision doing some math with this. Arrays perhaps?

I used a plastic fork, too. However, this is cool for creating patterns.

I guess I was drawn to this one because it is almost Christmas. Boy, I've really had the holiday spirit this year!

Same concept as the Christmas tree, but not holiday-specific. I would love to do this on a long sheet of butcher paper as a collaborative piece. Hmmm...that gives me an Arts Festival idea...stay tuned for that!

This looks like fun. I want to try this, even as an adult. Foam stickers would be great for fine motor work. Those little pieces of paper aren't easy to peel off.

A stamping station? Yes, please. I used to teach first grade. This would've made a great activity for students to write about.

Do you have some favorite stamping pins, photos, or blogs to share? I'd love to hear about them! Please post in the comments or contact me!