A Poster for Pattern, Line, Shape, Repetition, Texture

I was having the HARDEST time getting my students to think of patterns and designs to use in their artwork. When left to their own devices, they went with the always- trusty dollar sign, peace sign, or smiley face! OR they would just start writing their name over and over and over! (YIKES!)

I made this poster to hang in the room that has lots of different types of designs and patterns. I used black and white so that the students could decide on their own colors.

Another project based on Logan's Dynamic Art Projects for Children.
And NO, they don't copy the poster every time they need a design or pattern for their artwork. The poster is just a visual that helps them think. They enjoy coming up with their own designs, but without a visual, they can't think of anything other than the fabulous ones mentioned above! (Sarcasm!) Most times, they look at the poster and come up with something similar, yet their own to use.

I actually refer to this poster quite often. I refer to it when I need a quick reference for line, shape, pattern, texture, or repetition. I am constantly talking to the students about how they can elaborate on or change the patterns in the poster to make them their own. For instance, what if you added a tiny heart to the tail of the spirals in the bottom left corner? Or, what if, instead of coloring the rectangles black in the pattern on the right, you drew stripes there? Over time they stop relying on the poster. They begin to think up their own things completely.

This is an example of one art project that students completed using the poster as a guide. It is Gustav Klimt's Baby (Cradle).

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