Art Teachers Should Never Buy New Clothes

Most art teachers (and elementary teachers) that I know are rough on their clothes. Some dress like princesses every single day and still look like a million bucks at 4:00. I don't know how they do it. I am not one of those teachers. I get WAY dirty. For real, my level of messy at the end of the day is like WHOA!
I love the Y U NO guy.
I found this on Pinterest. I've linked to where the pin leads.

I got in the car to go home one afternoon and looked in the rearview mirror to find my bangs sticking straight up like There's Something About Mary. Y'all remember that movie? Anyway, it was glue. I had glue in my hair. Who know how long it had been one told me it was there. AND, there is NO WAY no one saw it! 

My clothes take the same kind of beating. There is no end to what can get on clothes in an elementary school art room (any art room, any classroom for that matter). Here's just a few things I've gotten on my clothes at work: chalk, spray paint, glue, Sharpie, acrylic paint, tempera paint, watercolor paint, oil pastels, paint pen, dirt, vomit, and snot. Aprons do not, I repeat DO NOT, cover all the areas of the clothing items!

I discovered Poshmark about two years ago. I have totally stopped buying clothes for work anywhere else. There are a lot of good, used clothes for cheap that are listed on Poshmark. There are also a lot of new with tags (NWT) clothes that are listed for cheap as well. 

I usually look for items that are familiar brands and NWT. That way, I can be 99% sure of the fit. I also prefer NWT clothes just because I don't have to worry about whether they've been shrunk in the wash. I know some of you might find wearing used clothing a bit odd. That's another reason I brought up the NWT info.

Another great thing about Poshmark is that you can list your own items and sell them. You can request a check or bank deposit of the funds. BUT, you can also use the credit you get from selling items to buy more stuff in the app (there's also a website). I did this for a year and got a ton of new stuff without my husband knowing I'd bought anything. It didn't show up on our credit card and debit card. I didn't really even spend any real money. I'd just listed stuff I never wore. You can also make offers on items, which is great. Don't think the item is worth $20, offer $16. 

I have one more positive thing to say about Poshmark. Sometimes, I have items that I LOVE and feel so sad when they wear out. For instance, I had a hot pink peacoat from Old Navy when I was in college. I loved that coat. I still had it when I started teaching and moved out on my own. I had it in the back of my Xterra one day when my dog was riding with me. Well, the dog got carsick on my coat. (I know, I know. Disgusting. Life happens!) I didn't even feel good about having it cleaned. I felt like I just had to get rid of it. The mess was that bad. I was so sad about that coat. Well, I searched on Poshmark and found another coat exactly like it. You can't imagine how excited I was about that! That's just another thing I love about Poshmark. When something gets damaged or worn out that you absolutely love, you can most likely find another one that someone doesn't want. You know you can't go to the store and buy another one. Like me, I couldn't just go to Old Navy and buy another of those coats. They don't make them anymore. 

So, if you have a job like mine that is messy messy messy, you should check out Poshmark. It will save you money, and you will have fun doing it.

I hope you will check out Poshmark. I have a code that you can use to get $5 to spend in the app. 

I also hope you will follow my closet. It is AEKOONLABA. In addition, my husband and I have an American Pickers-style boutique closet where we specialize in finding goodies and boutique items to resell. That closet is RubyRoseBoutiqs. There are a gazillion different closets and many specialize in different things. I've seen some that only sell vintage brooches and some that only sell hats. There are even boutiques that have an actual storefront that sell on Poshmark.