Fraction Quilts Complete Lesson

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about my Fraction Quilts lesson. I created a set of templates for the TpT store. I ended up teaching this lesson last week, which made me think about actually sharing the complete lesson plan on TpT. I also had a few requests for it via social media. So, here it is. I hope it is helpful. I'd love to hear feedback on this resource. I am always looking to improve. I love feedback. So, I look forward to hearing from you guys!

Example of how the lesson looks.

This resource includes
  • actual lesson plan with "The teacher will..." and "The student will..." language. This is easy to copy and paste from for your own plans
  • helpful hints and tricks from me for each step of the lesson, which will help the lesson be successful
  • Essential Questions and Essential Vocabulary, which are embedded in the plan but are also available in printable posters with images
  • template for the lesson in the photo above
  • assessment and reflection pieces 
Again, here's the link: