This Week's Party in the Art Room

This week, my students were learning about Vincent van Gogh. We are planning an Arts Festival for April.

We will partner with Artome to have each student's artwork framed and displayed in our gym. That's right, each student will have an individual piece of artwork in a wooden frame displayed at this event. Parents can buy the artwork in the frame, which serves as a fundraiser. So, students get their artwork in an art show and funds can be raised for the art program at the same time. We did this last year, and it was a hit with students, parents, teachers, and the community.

It was such a hit that we are doing it again. This year, each student will create something inspired by Vincent. We are going to call the show the Van Gogh Vault. So, we are learning about Vincent in preparation to create this artwork which will be on display at the Van Gogh Vault at our Arts Festival.

I created some videos to help me instruct the students. I wanted to tell the students about The Potato Eaters and model how to analyze a painting for line, color, texture, and space.  I think other teachers could use this in their classrooms, especially the last half where the analysis occurs. Here's that video:

This video explains a couple of early finisher centers. A teacher could put together similar centers and use this video to help explain it to the students. I do mention specific areas in my classroom, but any teacher could quickly point out the space in their own classroom where this will occur. Also, I used Magic Spells' Word Search and Panicked Teacher's Vocabulary Sheet for these. I love to create my own things, but when someone else has already created exactly what you need, why spend the time doing it yourself? That is exactly why I am sharing these videos! I hope it helps other teachers. One more tidbit about this video that is worth noting is that any books or printouts of the artwork can be used. I just happen to LOVE the How Artists See series and recent met the author. She saw a photo of Willa reading How Artists See Horses and messaged me. We have been chatting. Anyway, I LOVE those books and use the frequently. Those are a good investment! You  should do a Donors Choose for those right now!

I made a couple of How to Draw the Starry Starry Night videos. They are essentially the same but with different camera angles. 

Here is a video to show the students the drawing part of creating Wheatfield with Crows.

These videos only show the drawing parts. That is the first step to the lesson. I actually showed the Potato Eaters video. Then, I had the students analyze a painting in groups. Then, we discussed that as a whole group. All we had time for after those discussions was the drawing step in these videos. I'll be adding videos of the remaining steps as we move forward. So, watch for a post about those.

I'll update on the Van Gogh Vault as we go!

Have a great week!!