Top Eleven Eddie B Comedy Jokes About the Teaching Profession

Have y'all seen this guy? 

I have been seeing his short videos about teaching all over my Facebook feed lately. I know he is providing some much needed comic relief to educators. 

I am always torn about this kind of thing. Some of his videos are hilarious and on point. Some of his jokes are a bit harsh when you consider we are working with little human beings. However, I know he isn't directing those jokes at any individual. So, after a bit of reflection, I've decided its okay. After all, if we can't laugh at our lives, we might just end up being miserable. 

PLUS, and here's the kicker about this guy, I think he might be able to bring some attention to issues that are choking the profession, such as testing and the extreme need for students to have access to wraparound services. 

So, in an effort to bring some joy to myself and to ALL of the other educators out there (especially the PUBLIC SCHOOL educators, whom I LOVE dearly), I've created a top ten list of my favorite EddieBComedy jokes about the education profession. (YES, I picked 11 because I couldn't pick just 10!)

11. I'ma give more kids a chance to be restroom monitor. I'ma act like I'm cool with testing. 
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10. Is this seahorse? Take the hooves off the seahorse! 
(What Teachers Really Say at the Staff Holiday Pot Luck)

9. Wait! I ain't Jesus.
 (What Public School Teachers Really Say This Time of Year)

8. That's why your stomach hurts. 
(What Public School Teachers Really Say Pt. 2)

7. I might as well tell 23 lies, then. 
(What Public School Teachers Really Say Pt. 3)

6. I'm on break from explaining. 
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5. Lord, why did you let the substitute teacher touch the stuff on my desk? 
(The Public School Teacher's Friday Prayer)

4. I need to get me a side hustle. 
(What Teachers Really Say the Night Before the Work Week Starts)

3. I need to get a stipend for smelling this.
(What Teachers Really Say About Hygiene Issues)

2. I'ma put these scores on the sick and shut-in prayers at my church. 
(What Teachers Say About Test Scores/Report Cards)

1. Detention today-day. That's my favorite lie you done told. 
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