Celebrating Our Successes in Arts Integration

I ran across this wonderful blog post and just had to share it.

Let’s celebrate our successes and put on the pom poms for each other! Every step we make toward creative and engaging teaching is a step toward victory. Celebrate them, learn from them, and continue to challenge yourself to grow.

Arts integration is so important. I think it is one of the most necessary things in education today. That post is so full of positive energy and encouragement. The teacher who wrote it says what I want to say, only better. So, I'm sharing it with you guys.

Maybe one day I'll write something that excellent! ;)

I hope you enjoy this and get some encouragement from it. This makes me think about what someone once told me about running. I like to run, but I am so slow at it. I came in dead last once when I ran a 5k. I wanted to give up and was soooo embarrassed. My friend told me that it is about the journey to being who I want to be. It doesn't matter if I'm not the best runner in the race. It matters that I got off the couch and tried it. Just by trying it, I was way ahead of the people who never do. Just by trying it, I was getting better at it. The same can be said with using the arts in your teaching!

Try it. Just try it.

Thank you Wonder Teacher for writing the inspiring post.

Hope you all are having a lovely day! I'm putting on the pom poms for all of you this week!