Paul Klee People

I LOVE this project. Honestly, LOVE is not strong enough of a word. It is so easy to do. It is a great project for younger students. I did this with my second graders at the end of the year when we were starting to run out of materials. So, we used newspaper for the background, scraps of construction paper that were left over from a Mondrian project that third grade did, Sharpies, and tempera paint. They glued the newspaper and construction paper to a thicker sheet of tagboard.

I taught them how to draw like Paul Klee. I used this as a reference.  This project is based on Klee's Arrival of the Bridegroom which is privately owned. So, I'm not going to post a pic of it here, but you can view it on this website. 

I love this because they all sort of turn out differently even though all of the students are getting the same directions!

We get those awesome-quality lines by tracing things more than once with a black Sharpie. It just adds some depth to it when they double trace. It also makes it interesting!

I think this would make a great writing prompt. The students could write a descriptive piece. They could write a personal narrative and make these be self-portraits. There are endless possibilities for writing with these. Unfortunately, we did not get to a writing step with these last year. This year, I'll try to start sooner so we have time for that before the end of the year!

I hope you'll try this super easy lesson with your students. Enjoy these lovely works of art!

I have some other things to share that are focused on Klee. Stay tuned!