Dreaming Big for Little Artists Grant Proposal Resource

I enjoy the challenge of grant writing. I also enjoy bringing resources to my students, school, and community that would not exist otherwise. It is very rewarding. 

I’ve had over $70,000 awarded in grant funding in the last six years. I seek funding EVERYWHERE: locally, at the state level, and nationally. I have written grants for a variety of things: general arts supplies, supplies for specific projects, supplies for large scale renovation (murals, installation of outdoor art), stage curtains, teaching artist residencies, etc. 

Unfortunately, the current climate surrounding education in this country is making grant writing a necessity. Funds for education are being cut at the state and national levels. I started writing grants back when this wasn't as much of an issue. Now, I am thankful (and saddened that it is a necessity) to have this skill. We are forced to seek grant funding to provide innovative experiences for our students. Sometimes we have to seek grant funding for basic classroom needs. 

I wrote a proposal called, “Dreaming Big for Little Artists,” which has both. I asked for basic supplies: pencils, erasers, paper. I also asked for things like a cold press and mini-refrigerator for paper making. So, I really felt like I was asking for the world for my students with this one. I was dreaming pretty big.  

You can find this proposal in the TpT store. The idea for sharing this is that you will see an example of a successfully written proposal, tweak it as needed to fit your own needs, and use it to get funding for your students. You can easily substitute different artists, supplies, and other details to match your own context/situation.

Additionally, in the TpT store, you can find Top 7 Most Powerful Words for Grant Writing, which is a resource that I wrote based on my own experiences in grant writing, AND Art Around the World, which is another successful grant proposal with the projects embedded in the resource.

I have many more of these that I'd eventually like to put in the store. I also have some more tips and tricks for grant writing that I am working on. Also, I am working as fast as I can to get blog posts up about the projects I've done with these grants. 

If you have an idea for a grant and would like help, let me know. I can also help you develop a proposal. Check out how with this free resource.

Stay tuned and stay in touch!