Museum Monday: Pensacola Museum of Art

Who knew Pensacola, Florida had such a great little art museum? We didn't! It was a pleasant surprise when we took a quick trip to the beach.

Pensacola also has a great downtown. Oh! And make sure you visit Graffiti Bridge. I LOVE Graffiti Bridge. Make sure you spend some of your time doing all the artsy things once you get enough sun at the beach!

When we visited the Pensacola Art Museum, this wonderful Schapiro was on display. It was my first time seeing it. It is rather large. I love the whimsical colors and the movement in the work. My child was quite excited about it as well.

I see some great arts integration potential in this work. Verbs. Students doing their own poses to show movement, drawing those, and developing that into a character for writing. They can act out their stories at recess. How about a little science in all those colors in the background? There's science in color mixing, the way light creates color. Let's chat about the possibilities!

I'm dedicating this post to my dear friend Michelle Simmons, who recently moved to Pensacola, and whom I miss dearly. We're coming, get ready!

Hope you enjoy this work of art! Happy Monday to you all!


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