An Attempt at a Mary Blair Sidewalk Mural

Last week, I had planned to do an elaborate sidewalk mural with sidewalk chalk with my students. We were going to draw and color our own version of Mary Blair's  Its a Small World concept artwork.

I'd found the perfect images and written a text about Mary Blair. I'd printed it so we could take it outside with us. I'd bought sidewalk chalk. I'd even bought the glitter kind!

Mary Blair's work: Fair Use (low quality, for educational purposes, noncommercial, readily available on the internet)

Well, guess what? On the day of this event, it rained for a couple of hours. There is a porch outside the art room that is covered by an awning. So, even though it was muggy and wet, when the rain stopped, we went on out to that porch to attempt this activity. However, while it was raining, I'd gone to Plan B and started painting some face-in-the-hole boards (a Kahlo, a Matisse, a Van Gogh, and a Klimt). You'll have to watch for a post about that to come very soon.

Anyway, when I decided to go out to do the chalk activity, I was sort of stuck trying to also finish up painting those boards. Since we'd already started them, it was hard not to finish them. I mean, the paint was already out!

We drug that paint and those boards outside with us. So, I was trying to oversee two projects at one time. It was a bit tricky, and not at all ideal. I still taught about Mary Blair and showed the students the resources I'd created. However, I had to give a lot of attention to the painting and wasn't able to spend as much time with the students as they worked on the sidewalk mural.

I say all that to get to this conclusion: I will look for a chance to try this again on a day when it does not rain. I think it was fun and really cool. The kids loved learning about Mary Blair. I don't think they realized Disney employs artists.  I just wish we'd been able to add more detail and be a bit neater with this work.

This was a great idea. I'm keeping this in my arsenal. Maybe next time we will use a different artist for inspiration. Have you ever done anything like this? Please share! I'd love to learn from you!

Finally, why can't they make black sidewalk chalk? We need this at the dollar store ASAP. Somebody let them know! Okay?