My Fave Gerry Brooks Videos

A month or so ago, I shared my favorite Eddie B Comedy videos about teaching. I promise you, I pondered whether it was okay to laugh at those for a good long while before I wrote that post. Sometimes he makes fun of sensitive things, which would really upset me if he were talking about a particular human being. I ended up writing that I figured it was okay since he wasn't actually making fun of anyone in particular. When I decided to do a post on Gerry Brooks, I found myself pondering the SAME. EXACT. THING.

I ended up Googling "why is it important to laugh." Like, duh! Laughter is the best medicine. That's a fact. I know this...but, still. I guess my thinking is that teaching children is a sensitive subject. I think this is why no television show about teaching has ever lasted. Think about it. We have a gazillion cop shows and medical shows. No teaching shows. It's not because teaching isn't full of drama or full of humor. It is because we would have to watch dramatizations or comedy sketches about how adults deal with people's children. See, it is terribly sensitive. 

I came across this post about why laughter is important. I don't even care if it is scientific or not. I didn't even look at the sources, which is something I normally do with intent. I just wanted to see something written that affirmed how I feel about laughter.

There was a point in my career when I had stopped laughing. I allowed myself to get weighed down with the seriousness of it. I was "fresh out of glee," as Eddie B says. I had to really do a makeover on myself to get myself back on track! Now, I try to be very intentional about things like laughter...and joy...and hope...and, yes, glee!

Anyway, just in case you haven't seen these, here are some of my favorite Gerry Brooks videos. I think this guy is a cool is that?!?

"50 Shades of Sharpies"
YES! Y'all, I don't even know how to measure the glee I feel when I see colored Sharpies!

"Did I have chocolate today?"
The question I keep asking myself when I get in the car to go home and look in the rearview mirror to back out of the parking lot is "How did that glue get in my bangs and how long has it been there?"
Really, I'm thinking, "How long have I looked like There's Something About Mary?"

How about "When You Are Late for Specials...?"

I hope Richard DuFour got to see this one before he passed. 

I am not sure how many races I'd run as an adult before I realized what
 those numbers meant! I need one of those 4762 stickers. Brooks should sell those instead of collecting BoxTops at his school!

Peace, love, and laughter! Friends, I hope you have a fantastic week!


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