Artist to Know Right Now: Justin Vowell

I took my mom and girls to the Gumtree Arts Festival this weekend. You need to know about this festival. It happens every year in Tupelo, MS. That's right! The birthplace of Elvis Presley! Here's a flyer. Ooooobviously, you won't be seeing this in time to go this year, but you can see this awesome flyer and make the plans for neeeeeexxxxt year. Right?

We love the festival because we are artsy gals. This year, though, I stumbled upon an artist I'd never met, Justin Vowell.

I really loved his work. I bought a small piece. I wish I'd bought more. Luckily for me, he lives in Tupelo and is married to the counselor at the K-1 school that feeds into my 2-5 school. So, I can probably connect easily with him.

I want this guy to come work with my fifth graders and am going to try to make that happen. If I can, I will post about it. In the meantime, check out his site. I really love his symbolism. It is fun but political and edgy with a message all at once. I wish I could've found a pic of the Make Art Not War piece he had in his booth today. You guys would love that one.

Here is the piece I bought:

Check out these:
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I love art so much.
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